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August 23, 2007

One of the most interesting links found lately has to be this: DeletedImages: the Junkyard of Art

As it says (in slow and heavy male american movie-screen voice please): “ brings unsharp, moved, blurry and unfocused pictures back to life. So before you delete you [sic] images on your camera. Have another look and start sharing what you would have deleted with the rest of the world.”

Give it a go, how does it feel?

The metaphysical connotations and the contradictory essence of immortalising the ‘already gone’ (how come are these images still called deleted) has its own pleasures. I thought, though, that deleted images accommodate more than “unsharp, moved, blurry and unfocused pictures.” So, I do feel that there’s a kind of crypto-fetishism existing there, lying under the ‘bedshits’ of the same, and not a different, mainstream ‘bed of art’. It is, perhaps, somewhere in the sense of creating by investing on destruction, and/or, of creating by admitting, maybe imitating, awe and meaning when these are officially absent…

Talking about beds and fetishism, provides the opportunity for introducing the link to another interesting discussion going on in Alec Soth’s blog and his latest entry: Jump the sandwich, which follows his public assignment calling people to produce photos of women with a sandwich jumping in a bed.. Hmm!?… Explore the comments for some interesting remarks about photography… you won’t be disappointed -I found my deletedimages link there too :)

And for the not so grand-finale.. here’s my latest ‘deleted’ image.. almost a beauty.


If now I had, let’s say, 986 more single pictures of the instances before and after.. and they were all polaroids.. and knew how to manipulate them without computer compositing.. well, then something really cool could have emerged, something like the following video from youtube by Jordan C.Greenhalgh. It was found in another very interesting blog called.. ‘think in pictures‘! Yes same name, but no, no.. we’re not the same.. and I think he writes from the other side of the ocean :)

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