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Red for Red: Julie Fiala’s last Leeds project

September 21, 2007

Julie Fiala, a female performance artist, exchanges her favourite things for yours. This is Julie’s first major solo project in Leeds following her art studies and work in Leeds during the last three years.


Julie has been working in art projects which are relevant to local people, including among others: old people, who as she told me ‘they have so many important things to say’ (and so much I agree), with safety professionals -when she installed thirty red couches into Leeds’ Hyde Park in 2005, and a Dundonian hill-walker who is also a Marxist.


But this is her last and final project in Leeds! Apparently Julie (see photo above) has been wearing red during the last three years and now, just before she leaves Leeds for good, she has decided to exchange her favourite red things for your red things…


The whole project takes place at the ArtMarket in Merrion Centre in Leeds. A very interesting choice of place indeed, in the old and rather forgotten part of the Merrion Centre shopping centre, among stalls which sell stamps, second-hand clothes and a wide variety of exotic things, from Ethiopian sidama coffee to hidden from daylight vinyl records.


A mysterious and charming guest-artist (see photo above) has been collaborating with Julie in this project. Of course she wears red too. Try to guess where is from, you’ll never find it… Unfortunately, the project goes ahead for only three days, and you can catch up with both of them, and certainly ask ‘Why red?’ until tomorrow Saturday 22 September.


So, take your red things down to Julie’s place and exchange them for her red things. If you are lucky you may end up with some personally made jewelry or a cute red dress with matching shoes.. whereas at the same time fill up Julie’s suitcase with something exciting!

Oh, Julie also invites all visitors to a party in her house after the closing reception tomorrow at 5pm.

(All images by Christos Stavrou © 2007. All rights reserved. View them larger here)

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