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artistic influences: shadow play

October 8, 2007
Bill Callahan photo © Joanna Newsom

Bill Callahan or Smog in a recent photo by Joanna Newsom



Friedlander [Shadow Play] 1966.jpg


Lee Friedlander’s ‘Shadow Play’ from 1966 (above).

Who is the main subject? In both cases, as the photographer’s shadow is projected upon the depicted person, a new analogy and relationship emerges. Lee Friedlander’s shadow head acquires hair by carefully ‘falling’ upon the woman’s hair. Her coat button becomes his mouth. Ultimately he is the main subject there. Bill Callahan, in the first photo, is embraced by the stretched arm of a shadow-figure in a warm and sensitive gesture of co-existence.

Watch a video of ‘Rock Bottom Riser’ below with Smog and Joanna Newsom at the Parish (Sept. 2006)

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  1. October 9, 2007 10:18 am

    i quite like your blog… since you often direct audience to interesting projects… ;)

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