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Highlights from the Archives

October 1, 2008

"Always happy" (10.07.2007). Exploring the relationship between photography and authority. The GDR authorities insisted that their citizens should always be depicted smiling. Read more...

"The right background: new freedoms" (11.09.07). The need to choose the 'right' visual background reveals the increasing anxiety felt by those representing our malleable reality, from the Taliban to the White House. Read more...

"More photography = more democracy?" (15.06.07). Recent violent incidents in Hyde Park, Leeds' student area, raised questions about controversial methods of policing and the alleged democratic potential of photography. Read more...

But how photography managed to become critical and subversive within GDR’s political setting? Read more in the post “Do not refreeze” (27.07.2007). Considering how our context and definitions are different now, could photography claim a similar social and political role?

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