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pinhole is cool

November 7, 2008


For all those enjoying the pleasures of a pinhole camera, or even better, for those who always wanted a reason to try, click here for a Corbis link to five cool and funky designs of a pinhole camera. Download and print them for free :)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery as well. Are you surprised by the power of the pinhole photography? To add one more example,  I have included here a photo by Steve Gosling (below), which was the winner of the ‘Places’ 2006 competition by the journal Black & White Photography (Issue 66)


© Steve Gosling

This photograph made by a pinhole camera revealed the ‘eerie formations’ of Yorkshire’s Brimham Rocks – formed of a tough sandstone known as millstone grit, a task that was not easy to capture with a standard camera.

According to the photographer, “it’s very difficult when using a standard camera to find a composition that works, because the rocks are very scattered. But the pinhole camera accentuates the texture of the rocks in the foreground in a way that a standard camera wouldn’t.” He also explains that the long exposure, because of the pinhole’s f/138 aperture, and the resulting movement in the tree and the clouds gives a picture a lift.

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